FAQs for Stove Owners2018-08-21T13:04:50+01:00

FAQs for Stove Owners

After fitting many hundreds of stoves, we have created a dedicated guide: FAQs for stove owners.  This will help anyone considering having a wood burner or multi-fuel fire installed and is based on the questions we are most frequently asked:

What can I use to clean the door glass?2018-08-21T13:00:17+01:00

We sell products suited to the special glass in the door of your stove. Please do not use typical glass cleaner and also make sure you wait until the glass has cooled to room temperature.

Are your installers qualified?2018-08-21T12:59:59+01:00

Yes. We are a Hetas registered company.

I have my own stove – will you install it for me?2018-08-21T12:59:43+01:00

Sorry – we only install stoves that we supply due to warranty issues.

When is the best time to have a stove installed?2018-08-21T12:59:14+01:00

Summer is the quietest period for stove installations and you will find it easier to choose a date for a survey and install then. Winter is our busiest period and can mean people are waiting for an appointment. We advise to install in the summer for the winter ahead.

When will I receive my quote?2018-08-21T12:58:52+01:00

We aim to issue quotes by email within a few working days, however during busy periods this may change.

How can I prepare for my survey?2018-08-21T12:58:24+01:00

There are a few things you can do:
– If you have a gas fire in situ we are unable to properly survey so we suggest having this removed before making an appointment
– Know your budget and what a stove installation costs (see section above)
– Decide when you want the work done and book a survey close to the time you want it installed so that our quote is accurate

How do I choose a hearth/surround?2018-08-21T12:58:04+01:00

We can advise on options available to you from our range, depending on the stove you’ve chosen and the setting, however, if you want to source your own hearth, we will fit it but please speak to us for advice on material required before buying it, as each install is different.

How long does a stove last?2018-08-21T12:57:42+01:00

A well-maintained, looked-after stove will last you a lifetime. You extend the lifespan of a stove by servicing it, repairing it and having the chimney swept annually, as well as generally looking after it.

How much does it cost to have a wood burning or multi-fuel stove installed?2018-08-21T12:57:09+01:00

If you wondering how much to budget for a stove, here’s a rough guide:
– £2500-£3500 for an installation in a property with a chimney
– £2500- £4000 for a property without a chimney

Do you take a deposit?2018-08-21T12:56:50+01:00

Yes, we take a deposit of 40% of the total cost including stove, hearth etc and install fee on booking and the balance on completion.

Do you offer credit?2018-08-21T12:56:26+01:00

We are unable to offer credit facilities but do not charge any extra for credit card payments.

What is included in a stove service?2018-08-21T12:56:02+01:00

A stove service includes a thorough clean and we check that everything is working correctly, for faults and that the stove has no damage from logs etc.

How often should I have my stove serviced?2018-08-21T12:55:40+01:00

Your stove should be serviced annually. When we sweep your chimney, we service the stove at the same time.

Will sweeping the chimney be messy?2018-08-21T12:55:20+01:00

No. We bring dust sheets and leave no trace of the work.

How long does it take to sweep a chimney and service a stove?2018-08-21T12:55:02+01:00

It takes around 1.5 hours to sweep a chimney and service a stove.

How often will I need my chimney swept?2018-08-21T12:54:44+01:00

You should have your chimney swept annually and we offer this service to our customers. Book yours via our West Calder yard (01506 871358) or at our Linlithgow showroom (01506 842464).

How many stoves have you installed?2018-08-21T12:54:23+01:00

Too many to count! Many hundreds.

Can I have a stove installed in a period property?2018-08-21T12:54:01+01:00

Yes. If the house was built pre-1950s you will need a chimney liner installed to take smoke directly to the chimney pot.

Can I have a stove installed in a flat or shared property?2018-08-21T12:53:42+01:00

Yes. We would suggest that you let your neighbours know out of courtesy, as the installation can be a bit noisy – but only takes around 2 days.

What fuel can I burn?2018-08-21T12:53:13+01:00

We will advise whether you live in a smoke-free zone at the survey and what your options are. We can supply all the fuel you need and you can place an order with our West Calder yard (01506 871358) or at our Linlithgow showroom (01506 842464). We offer both delivery and collection options.

How long does the installation take?2018-08-21T12:52:34+01:00

It takes around 2 days.

Will I save on fuel bills?2018-08-21T12:52:15+01:00

You can save but whether you do will depend on whether you burn your fire efficiently if you turn down or reduce your central heating use and the price you pay for your fuel.

Can a stove be fitted in a conservation area?2018-08-21T12:51:57+01:00

Yes. All stoves that we install are DEFRA approved.

What size/kW do I need for my room?2018-08-21T12:51:36+01:00

We offer a free survey to establish this and advise on the heat output you require, as well as design options for your hearth and surround etc. The ‘size’ is broadly calculated using a standard sum which is the length x width x height of your room and then dividing the number by 14 – but speak to us for clear guidance because this is just a rough guide and every installation is different depending on things such as double glazing, age of the property etc.

Do I need to have a chimney?2018-08-21T12:51:12+01:00

No – if there is no chimney, we can build one for you using something called a twin insulated pipe (also called a twin wall system). This pipe can go through a wall or ceiling to take the smoke outside.

SPEAK TO US TO ARRANGE A FREE SURVEY on 01506 842464 or 01506 871358

If you have any questions which aren’t covered here, please let us know so we can help you and add to this list to help others!